The Green Bible

Eis os arquivos da Green Bible ou, conforme o nome oficial, 1949-50-51 Ford Passenger Car Shop Manual. Tudo o que você precisa para manter seu Shoebox Ford em dia em um livro.

Part One – Power Plant

H Series 6 Cylinder Engine

B Series 8 Cylinder Engine

Ignition, Fuel and Cooling Systems

Part Two – Chassis

Clutch and Transmissiom

Rear Axle and Drive Lines

Running Gear


Part Three – Electrical and Accessories

Eletrical Systems


Part Four – Bodies

Body Construction and Manintenance

Hardware, GLass, Upholstery and Flat Trim

Convertible Coupe, Crestliner and Station Wagon

Paret Five – Maintanance, Trouble Shooting and Specifications

Maintenance Procedures

Trouble Shooting



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