UTE Shoebox – 2

This is a chopped Ford Utility or what? I wouldn’t have done that to that car…


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3 Responses to UTE Shoebox – 2

  1. I think the reason that the real Ford Ute has the rear fenders sticking out is bacause they used a Mercury rear end which was a little wider than the Ford. So this blue ute looks to have some original Ford Ute pieces, but is very different from a stock ute. I wonder if it is really a sedan cut into the shape of a Ute?

    • I thought the same, could it have been trimed? Seeing the taillight and the interior I prefer think it is a custom UTE, without the bigger rear fenders. I didn’t know they came from Mercury. Nice!

  2. Brian Grainger says:

    Ford Australia used their own panels on the rear of the utes. Not from Mercury. All of the body looks pretty standard but it has A/C and disc brakes by the look of the master cylinder

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