Nice custom!

Copiado do site John Grace Car’s. Achei este custom, um Coupe 1949, muito bem feito e de muito bom gosto. Os frisos laterais são corajosos e combinam bem com as curvas do carro. É trabalho do próprio John, feito em 1955, conforme ele mesmo explica a seguir:

“1949 Ford Club Coupe
My second car.
I bought this car from a car lot on South 5th Street (now Las Vegas Boulevard) for $195, an unbelievably good deal in 1954.
These pictures were taken in October 1955 just outside of Burley, Idaho. (Population of about 5000 and my childhood home).
The “arctic white” paint and mild customizing I had done looked pretty good in the store windows on Overland Avenue in downtown Burley. Most of the work done on this car was accomplished during the year I spent at Idaho State College in Pocatello, Idaho (1955-1956).
I attended the body shop class full time and worked at a body shop part time.
The instructor of the class liked my car and actually tried to buy it from me.
Pocatello is undoubtedly one of the coldest places in the world!
Luckily, I believe I’m beginning to regain the feeling in my toes.”


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